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A new way of thinking.

Josh Jarrett
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I got one of those faces, you'll see me a few years down the line and say "Hey! Tall kid! Isn't your name Josh?" "y-yeah, who are-" "It's me! Remember?" "no..." also, my memory is only fair to moderate. I enjoy video games... but only good ones, no rubish here please, just give me a decent game that'll suck me in at 9pm and spit me out at 5 in the morning. i love fantasy stuff, certain movies and books. As for music, i like older things.. along the lines of swing or Frank Sinatra... but then again my favorite band in They Might Be Giants. Oh, and theatre, thats become a large part of my life as of late. Anything else, just ask. Oh, and by the way... well... Er... nevermind.